Konstantinos Kesidis

Web Developer

Hello! I am web developer from Athens and specialize in delivering websites and digital solutions for your every need. I use some of the most well known and up to date programming languages to create fast, flexible and reliable applications.

When not working on new projects, i am studying and looking up new technologies. Making sure that my knowledge and skills are up to date is an essential part of my profession. There is always something new to learn and improve. That is why i love doing this job!

Create Websites and Web Applications

Designed according to your needs and styling of your choice, made as simple and reliable as possible.

Speed Optimization and SEO

Improving the user experience and ranking of the page on Google to.

Mobile First Design

Interfaces and features and content designed to look properly on all display devices and sizes.

I specialize in using:

Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter
ES6, Angular, Vue